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Fireplace Trends of 2016

Anyone looking to chart the design changes we’ve seen in 2016 would be remiss to miss out on the fireplace. Evolution is the keyword here – the fireplace has reinvented itself. Here’s how we’ve seen it changing. Less is More Fireplaces are still statement pieces for 2016, but that statement is whispered more than it […]

Best Uses for Marble in Contemporary Architecture

When people think of marble buildings, images come to mind of the ancient world. However, the material is still being used today to create jaw-dropping works of contemporary architecture, and this is happening from Oklahoma to India. Here are some of the best ways that marble has been used to breathe new life into the […]

Best Material for Countertops

The countertop you select for your kitchen will set the tone for the whole room, so choosing the right material is crucial. Not only will the style of your kitchen be affected, you’ll need to take into account the unique properties of every option that you have before you. Marble remains one of the most […]

Applications of DEKTON

Dekton is one of the newest construction materials available, but its advantages have already seen it employed across a wide and diverse range of purposes. Exactly replicating the appearance of glass, porcelain, and quartz while enhancing the properties of each, this is a material that boasts the strength, versatility, and longevity demanded across all design […]

9 Interior Design Trends of 2016

We’re now sat in the middle of 2016, so it’s a great time to look at what’s happened so far and what trends promise to continue flourishing within the world of design. It’s been an interesting year, so here’s our quick overview of 2016’s top design trends to bring you up to speed. The Upscale […]

5 Items You Wouldn’t Expect to be Made from Marble

From laptop skins to Chinese boats, here’s our top five things you wouldn’t expect to be made out of marble. Here at Paramount Marble, we’re fortunate enough to be able to dedicate ourselves to finely crafted marble during every day of work, so we’re always intrigued by innovative modern uses of the material. Though traditionally […]

Choosing the right marble for your bathroom

Traditionally the bathroom is a calming space adorned in ceramics, steel and glass; all of this porcelain can make a room feel cold and bland. Marble can add a point of interest to a room that can become ‘run of the mill’. The way the veins of colour elegantly swirl across the smooth stone can […]

Dekton Factory Visit – Spain

Andy and Paul visited Cosentino’s headquarters in Spain this month. They are the largest manufacturers of quartz surfaces in the world. Andy and Paul saw the production of the revolutionary material Dekton in its factory which is nearly 1 million square metres and has a fully automated logistics platform. Dekton has the highest resistance to […]

Choosing a fireplace when re-decorating your home

The fireplace is the focal point of a room. The eye is drawn to the empty space soon to be filled with light; whether this be the blue flickers of a gas flame, white hot coals, the amber hue of burning logs or a modern display panel. Surrounding this mesmerising display is the mantle, which […]

Redecorating your kitchen

When thinking about redecorating a kitchen, there is more to it than changing the wallpaper or a lick of paint. Cupboards, worktops and appliances are not simple to replace regularly. By opting for a design that is elegant and of good quality, your kitchen will stand the test of time. Maximise space with clever storage, […]