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Get to Know Your Stone

Stone is perfect for floors, counter-tops, and other such applications due to its intense durability and ability to last for decades without ever needing to be replaced. Of course, stone is not indestructible and will need to be properly maintained if it is to stay looking its best. For homeowners, that means knowing what type […]

Are Stone Floors Worth the Maintenance?

If you’re thinking about what type of flooring to lay down, it’s likely that stone will have cropped up as a possible option. After all, natural stone floors have been the top choice for centuries, and their popularity shows no signs of flagging. That said, some homeowners worry about the maintenance work required. So, are […]

Are Quartz and Quartzite the Same Thing?

Despite the similarities in their names, quartz and quartzite are not the same material. In fact, they possess a number of differences in appearance and durability, so knowing how they differ from each other is crucial. To start with, what we refer to as quartz is a manmade product that is actually composed of at […]

5 Tricks to Mastering the Marble Trend

Marble has been celebrated for its beauty and style since the days of Socrates and Aristotle, and it’s becoming more and more popular with modern homeowners. If you like the look and want to jump aboard the marble trend, try experimenting with these tips. Blend with Rougher Materials When people think of marble, they often […]

Unique Uses for Marble

Marble has been the favoured material of artists since the dawn of Western civilisation, and it continues to inspire fresh works of art right through to the 21st century. Here are some of our favourite ways that the world’s creatives have used marble in fresh and unique ways. Apple Watch Charging Dock Uniting the cutting-edge […]

The Advantages of DEKTON

Glass, porcelain, and quartz surfaces aren’t usually thought of as cutting-edge materials; with Dekton, they are. For the raw materials of those surfaces to be created, we used to need precise conditions, the right materials, and time – thousands of years of time. Employing Dekton technology, we can accomplish in hours what the natural world […]

Outdoor Designs Using Marble

Marble isn’t always a material that homeowners would think of as one that should be used outside, but it makes a fantastic choice in the right conditions. Though unwise to use in cold, wet climates, marble is perfect for warmer areas, and you can use it to bring a touch of glamour and styling to […]

Modern Kitchen Trends 2016

In most homes, the kitchen remains the central social space. It’s also one of the most expensive areas of a property to renovate, so styling trends have to be taken with a grain of salt. Here’s what we’re seeing in 2016, and how you should react to it. Worktops: Old Stone/New Materials Worktops continue to […]

How to Use Marble Paper to Provide Unique Styling

Marble is enjoying something of renaissance in the world of design, but not everyone is in a position to invest in a material that tends to demand a higher price than other options. Be that as it may, you still have plenty of options left if you would like to evoke the timeless beauty of […]

Marble Carving Robots

Marble has been seen as the gold standard of sculpture for millennia. From Ancient Greek statues to contemporary works of architecture, this is the material that demands nothing less than the eyes, hands, and heart of a dedicated craftsman. But all that might just be about to change. Just ask yourself, what if the works […]