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Interior Trends: Sculpted Marble in the Bathroom

Marble has been a luxury construction material for centuries, but it has enjoyed a real spike in popularity during recent years, and leading figures expect that increase in status to continue well into 2017. Marble is becoming a particularly sought-after material for the bathroom; not only is it stunningly attractive, you’ll also find it hard-wearing and surprisingly versatile.

Of course, you need to make sure you pick the right marble for the role and then take part in the trend in the best way possible. Here’s how.

Take Time Selecting Your Marble

Marble comes in many different varieties, including Carrara, Calcutta, and Danby. It can also be picked up in different grades. Taking the time to consider which type you need is crucial for your project. Carrara, for example, will differ quite significantly from Calcutta in terms of both appearance and price. You want to find the right cut and thickness as well. Remember, marble is usually quite expensive, so you want to make sure you’re spending your money as wisely as possible.

Combine with Wood Flooring

One of the nicest things about marble is its lightness. It provides an open and airy feel to any room, and it also remains nice and cool to the touch. Of course, these properties need to be balanced out if you are to avoid creating a bathroom that feels too clinical and uninviting. Try pairing a marble vanity and bath with solid wood flooring to bring some warmth into the room.  These two classic materials complement each other to perfection.

Embrace Openness

Marble tends to work best when paired with open and simple designs, so try keeping to a minimalist aesthetic. Walls and floors should join seamlessly, and you might want to think about using a freestanding bath that shares the same colour or shade as the surrounding walls and flooring. This will eliminate jarring breaks between areas and create a more seamless and flowing appearance.

Mix Materials  

Wood flooring is a great way to go, but you can also create something a little more striking by mixing in different materials. One of our favourite combinations is marble with metal; think of it as classical meets industrial. Metro tiles and metal accents across your fittings can really turn the room into something special, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use black marble alongside or instead of the traditional white.


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