5 Tricks to Mastering the Marble Trend

Marble has been celebrated for its beauty and style since the days of Socrates and Aristotle, and it’s becoming more and more popular with modern homeowners.

If you like the look and want to jump aboard the marble trend, try experimenting with these tips.

Blend with Rougher Materials

When people think of marble, they often picture wide open floors and unbroken countertops. That’s certainly one way to go, but modern designers often combine this favourite of classical antiquity with modern industrial materials, and the dining table is a great place to merge the two.

Try finding tables that use marble for the top surface but then stand on bases made from timber or metal. This creates a dramatic appearance, and it also prevents the marble from overpowering your kitchen.

Use It to Accent

Again, marble isn’t a material that necessarily needs to be used widely. Take a look at your coolest local homeware store and you’re bound to find gadgets and cookware that makes use of the material.

Chopping boards are a good example since they can strike a regal tone while still appearing subtle. You can also try marble servingware to achieve a similar end.

Add it to Your Bathroom

The timeless appeal of marble is something that blends well with modern bathrooms. We tend to use monochromatic colours in these rooms, so white or dark marbling is perfect.

Of course, you might not have the budget for a marble bathtub, but you can take the accenting advice here again. Take a look online and you’ll find plenty of bathroom accessories that have been handmade from marble, including soap dispensers and dishes.

Try Marble in the Living Room

Pointing two sofas vaguely in the direction of a television set is something done only by the unadventurous. If you don’t want to stand among them, try using marble in these spaces.

As with the kitchen, one of the best things to do is use marble on table tops. However, you can also add a sense of grandeur to the room with a marble wall clock or introduce several accenting items, such as marble candleholders and tea trays.

Marble the Green Revolution

Just a few years ago, you’d tend to see more houseplants adorning the living rooms in seventies era sitcoms than you would in the real world, but interior greenery is now enjoying something of a renaissance.

If you’d like to take part in the growing marble trend, why not combine these two fashions by using marble planters, pots, and urns?


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