Choosing the right marble for your bathroom

Traditionally the bathroom is a calming space adorned in ceramics, steel and glass; all of this porcelain can make a room feel cold and bland. Marble can add a point of interest to a room that can become ‘run of the mill’. The way the veins of colour elegantly swirl across the smooth stone can add natural decadence where ceramic tiles do not. Choosing the right marble for your bathroom depends on personal taste, the light within the space and its size.

Marble comes in many different shades and styles. Mamara Equator marble has distinctive stripes that add an opulent touch to a modern bathroom. Traditionalists may prefer Carrara marble; the lightning bolt lines can add depth and a sense of comfort when combined with quality textiles. Coloured stones, such as Emperador, can be used sparingly as a feature or can be used throughout to create a cosy, welcoming aura. Arrabescato or Calacatta marble work beautifully with natural materials; limiting the palette to one or two materials adds elegant simplicity and will not overwhelm the space.

Primarily look at your budget; use marble in lieu of tiles to create a feature wall backdrop, which can be contrasted against cool porcelain or warm wood. Marble is traditionally used as flooring or as a surface, but dressing a room top-to-toe in stone creates a timeless and practical chamber. Marble bathtubs and sinks look sleek with simple furnishings and decorative touches. Should you have a larger budget or a smaller room, use a light-coloured marble throughout, with a minimalistic grain to help a room feel uncluttered and spacious? Take advantage of the stone’s reflective properties to increase the light in the room and give the illusion of a larger room. A mix of different types of marble creates an eclectic space to be adorned with vintage brass or dressed with bold materials.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. A natural material, marble is a classic and timeless investment for your home. Speak to your bathroom specialist today for further advice or information.

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