Interior Trends: Sculpted Marble in the Bathroom

Marble has been a luxury construction material for centuries, but it has enjoyed a real spike in popularity during recent years, and leading figures expect that increase in status to continue well into 2017. Marble is becoming a particularly sought-after material for the bathroom; not only is it stunningly attractive, you’ll also find it hard-wearing and surprisingly versatile.

Of course, you need to make sure you pick the right marble for the role and then take part in the trend in the best way possible. Here’s how.

Take Time Selecting Your Marble

Marble comes in many different varieties, including Carrara, Calcutta, and Danby. It can also be picked up in different grades. Taking the time to consider which type you need is crucial for your project. Carrara, for example, will differ quite significantly from Calcutta in terms of both appearance and price. You want to find the right cut and thickness as well. Remember, marble is usually quite expensive, so you want to make sure you’re spending your money as wisely as possible.

Combine with Wood Flooring

One of the nicest things about marble is its lightness. It provides an open and airy feel to any room, and it also remains nice and cool to the touch. Of course, these properties need to be balanced out if you are to avoid creating a bathroom that feels too clinical and uninviting. Try pairing a marble vanity and bath with solid wood flooring to bring some warmth into the room.  These two classic materials complement each other to perfection.

Embrace Openness

Marble tends to work best when paired with open and simple designs, so try keeping to a minimalist aesthetic. Walls and floors should join seamlessly, and you might want to think about using a freestanding bath that shares the same colour or shade as the surrounding walls and flooring. This will eliminate jarring breaks between areas and create a more seamless and flowing appearance.

Mix Materials  

Wood flooring is a great way to go, but you can also create something a little more striking by mixing in different materials. One of our favourite combinations is marble with metal; think of it as classical meets industrial. Metro tiles and metal accents across your fittings can really turn the room into something special, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use black marble alongside or instead of the traditional white.


2016 Kitchen Countertop Trends

Few rooms demand as much consideration during remodelling as the kitchen.

These rooms need to be comfortable enough for everyday dining, stylish enough to work as one of your main entertaining spaces, and constructed with fittings durable enough to withstand plenty of foot traffic and lots of work.

One of the most important areas to get right is the countertop. After all, your countertops will tend to set the tone for the rest of the room, and you’re going to end up using them pretty much every day you live in the property. With so many factors to consider, choosing a countertop can be tricky.

If you need a little inspiration, just take a look at some of the top trends that have emerged during 2016.

Natural and Engineered Stone 

Stone countertops have shown an increase in popularity during 2016, and you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose.

The biggest distinction between your various options will be whether you opt for a natural stone, such as marble, granite, or soapstone or slate, or an engineered stone, such as quartz, Silestone, Caesarstone, or IceStone. The former varieties will possess a more authentic appearance, and each option carries its own unique advantages:

  • Marble: Provides a sense of polished refinement and a cool, minimalist aesthetic. You’ll find it perfect for rolling dough and baking, though it does take stains and scratches more easily than other natural stones.
  • Granite: Incredibly durable, this is one of the most common countertop materials. It’s still pricey, but costs have noticeably decreased over the years.
  • Soapstone & Slate: These low-maintenance stones are incredibly durable, but you will have fewer colour and design options from which to choose.

Manufactured stones won’t look quite as natural as these, but they will be available in more colours and resist stains and cracks more successfully. No matter your choice, you’ll find that stone countertops are long-lasting and able to fit around any design style you could wish to foster.

Thinner is Better

You might think that thicker countertops would be preferable, but this hasn’t been the case during 2016. The trend towards kitchens possessing open floor plans and simpler designs have helped make thinner countertops a more desirable option, and using one of the stones listed above means that you won’t have to sacrifice durability.

Neutral Colour Palettes

During 2016, we’ve been seeing a lot of greys, blacks, and whites used for countertops. That might sound a little dull, but using neutrals means being able to shift styles later on without changing the countertops. In the meantime, you can add colour across other areas, such as the range hood, backsplash, cabinet, and exposed appliances.

5 Tricks to Mastering the Marble Trend

Marble has been celebrated for its beauty and style since the days of Socrates and Aristotle, and it’s becoming more and more popular with modern homeowners.

If you like the look and want to jump aboard the marble trend, try experimenting with these tips.

Blend with Rougher Materials

When people think of marble, they often picture wide open floors and unbroken countertops. That’s certainly one way to go, but modern designers often combine this favourite of classical antiquity with modern industrial materials, and the dining table is a great place to merge the two.

Try finding tables that use marble for the top surface but then stand on bases made from timber or metal. This creates a dramatic appearance, and it also prevents the marble from overpowering your kitchen.

Use It to Accent

Again, marble isn’t a material that necessarily needs to be used widely. Take a look at your coolest local homeware store and you’re bound to find gadgets and cookware that makes use of the material.

Chopping boards are a good example since they can strike a regal tone while still appearing subtle. You can also try marble servingware to achieve a similar end.

Add it to Your Bathroom

The timeless appeal of marble is something that blends well with modern bathrooms. We tend to use monochromatic colours in these rooms, so white or dark marbling is perfect.

Of course, you might not have the budget for a marble bathtub, but you can take the accenting advice here again. Take a look online and you’ll find plenty of bathroom accessories that have been handmade from marble, including soap dispensers and dishes.

Try Marble in the Living Room

Pointing two sofas vaguely in the direction of a television set is something done only by the unadventurous. If you don’t want to stand among them, try using marble in these spaces.

As with the kitchen, one of the best things to do is use marble on table tops. However, you can also add a sense of grandeur to the room with a marble wall clock or introduce several accenting items, such as marble candleholders and tea trays.

Marble the Green Revolution

Just a few years ago, you’d tend to see more houseplants adorning the living rooms in seventies era sitcoms than you would in the real world, but interior greenery is now enjoying something of a renaissance.

If you’d like to take part in the growing marble trend, why not combine these two fashions by using marble planters, pots, and urns?


Fireplace Trends of 2016

Anyone looking to chart the design changes we’ve seen in 2016 would be remiss to miss out on the fireplace. Evolution is the keyword here – the fireplace has reinvented itself. Here’s how we’ve seen it changing.

Less is More

Fireplaces are still statement pieces for 2016, but that statement is whispered more than it is shouted. The modern fireplace has embraced a minimalist aesthetic, so these are no longer the ornate repositories of a myriad of photo frames and knick-knacks. Detailed carvings and dramatic designed choices have been slowly supplanted by monochromatic styling, usually in black, white, or a soft grey, to achieve a sophisticated appearance.

Divide and Conquer

The most eye-catching fireplaces of 2016 might be those that embrace minimalism, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t becoming focal points for each room. We’ve seen many designers bring the fireplace to the centre of a room, usually by removing the walls to either side. The fireplace becomes a central divide between two living spaces – everything else revolves around it.

Added Height or Length

It isn’t just the style of your fireplace that needs to change for 2016. In fact, we’re seeing a marked change in the very built of them. No longer restricted to the traditional designs, fireplaces are growing either longer or taller. Homeowners are opting for either a floor-to-ceiling design that adds height to the room and draws the eye upwards, or a longer, narrower fireplace to make a room seem larger.

New Materials

The evolution of the fireplace isn’t just a matter of style; we’re also seeing new materials coming forward to offer homeowners something out of the ordinary. Uncommon stone, for example, is becoming popular, while cutting-edge materials such as Dekton are also making inroads as the style-conscious turn away from the conventional.

Practical Touches

What with the favouring of new materials and less-is-more styling, the fireplace certainly seems to be losing its rustic edge and traditional appearance. Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing more and more people carving out a space to place an attractive pile of firewood, even when they don’t use a wood-burning fireplace. This acts as a nice counter to the modern styling, and the rich, earthy colours contrast with and bring out the simpler, cleaner colours used for the fireplace itself.

9 Interior Design Trends of 2016

We’re now sat in the middle of 2016, so it’s a great time to look at what’s happened so far and what trends promise to continue flourishing within the world of design. It’s been an interesting year, so here’s our quick overview of 2016’s top design trends to bring you up to speed.

  1. The Upscale Family Room

The family room is expected to go upmarket for 2016, but without losing its practicality. The so-called ‘Glamily Room’ opts for wipe-clean designer fabrics and hard-wearing materials. The driving force is design-oriented millennial parents, but the trend is catching.

  1. Sheets with Something to Say

White cotton sheets are so yesterday. For 2016, expect intricate patterns and patchworks to adorn the bedroom, plus a lot more colour.

  1. Pendant Popularity

Statement pendants are great for putting a special touch on a room while also making the lighting more intimate. Expect to see them in dining rooms and lounges. Try adding one to your home in place of the old-fashioned chandelier.

  1. Pedestals to Match

Just as chandeliers are being swapped out for pendants, pedestal tables are coming in to replace the larger side table. Use one to bring focus to a photo, sculpture, or plant.

  1. Statement Desks

In 2016, people are seeming to tire of using their laptops on the bed or sofa. Instead, smaller, more stylish desks are becoming the norm. Try perching yours in the corner of your living room and making it part of the overall style.

  1. Traditional Tableware

When it comes to tableware, 2016 is looking backwards instead of forwards. Perhaps it’s a by-product of the foodie revolution; whatever the cause, it’s time to break out your gravy dishes and dig out the ladle.

  1. Metal Mix

Metals are set to harmonize during 2016, with golds, silvers, and coppers all coming together. Try adding a mixed-metal colour table cloth or curtains to see if the trend catches on in your house.

  1. Fabric on the Wall

Perhaps it’s the cosiness that comes with hanging fabrics as opposed to more traditional pieces of artwork, but textiles are becoming increasingly popular for adorning our walls.

  1. Reinvention

From blending metals to bringing back old tableware and desks, 2016 is all about taking the old and making it into something new. With that in mind, try repurposing old pieces of furniture with a few licks of vibrant paint to turn something dull into something eye-catching.