5 Items You Wouldn’t Expect to be Made from Marble

From laptop skins to Chinese boats, here’s our top five things you wouldn’t expect to be made out of marble.

Here at Paramount Marble, we’re fortunate enough to be able to dedicate ourselves to finely crafted marble during every day of work, so we’re always intrigued by innovative modern uses of the material. Though traditionally used for kitchen worktops and fireplaces, the subtle and evocative beauty of marble means that it has been applied across numerous interesting projects.

Here are just 5 of our favourite.

  1. A Wi-Fi Router Cover

Few items sitting on display in your home will have become quite as ubiquitous as the Wi-Fi router. It would only be a decade or so ago that these new pieces of technology would rarely be seen, but now you’d be hard-pressed to find a home without one. If you want to apply classical styling to advanced technology, try the APOLLO marble router case by Claudio Larcher.

  1. A Phone Cover

Phone covers have formed into one of the many ways in which modern consumers broadcast their personalities to the world. Marble remains a symbol of first-class taste and high-end luxury, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a range of marble smartphone cases on offer.

  1. A Chinese Boat

Head to the Beijing Summer Palace and you’ll find a whole boat made from marble. It is inlaid with coloured glass windows and wheels, paved with coloured bricks, and fits huge mirrors across each deck to ensure that you can enjoy the exquisite lake scene while sipping tea. The whole structure is 36 meters long and two stories, eight meters high.

  1. Modern Art

The marble statues of antiquity are the most enduring and strikingly beautiful examples of the type of art that can be sculpted out of marble, but artists like Alex Seton are bringing the material back to the artistic cutting-edge. Seton leverages his unparalleled craftsmanship to refine marble into unexpected forms, including hoodies, national flags, and blankets. They look indistinguishable from the real thing, until you try to lift them up, and provide literal weight to pressing present-day issues.

  1. Laptop Skins

Laptops have become one of the central hubs of our lives. We work on them; we play on them; we communicate on them. As with phone covers, you can complement your laptop with a marble-like skin, which will have been laser cut to ensure a perfect fit.