Redecorating your kitchen

When thinking about redecorating a kitchen, there is more to it than changing the wallpaper or a lick of paint. Cupboards, worktops and appliances are not simple to replace regularly. By opting for a design that is elegant and of good quality, your kitchen will stand the test of time. Maximise space with clever storage, hidden appliances and corner cupboards.

A blend of natural colours and textures seamlessly compliment each other. Marble and granite are naturally engrained with a broad colour palette; wooden cupboards in their natural state, or painted, are enhanced by a multi-tonal worktop. A splashback adds elegance to the overall look, and draws attention to the focal point of the kitchen, the cooker. A marble or granite border ties it all together, leaving the wall space above for areas of colour or lighting features. Natural materials stand the test of time both for practicality and effortless style.

The quality of the design will speak for itself; complete the space with small, quirky details that add vibrancy. Detailed faucets, splashes of stainless steel or chrome, or a vintage ceramic kitchen sink set an individualistic tone. Lighting can be a useful tool for drawing attention to these finer details. Lighting under floating cupboards or on skirting boards can give the illusion of extra space by eliminating dark areas. For a bold feature, statement walls harmonise with a neutral palette, and can be easily updated with a mixture of textures or styles. Accessories and textiles can be regularly updated to add a modern touch to a classic kitchen; a luxe fabric adds a designer feel to a simple space.

Do not let the function of a kitchen mark the fact that it is the heart of the home. Whether you want a cosy heaven, a calming space or somewhere to accommodate a busy lifestyle, your kitchen should ultimately reflect who you are. Simplicity, elegance and quality will ensure that no matter how you modernise your space with accessories or textiles, your kitchen will remain a reflection of you.