The Top 6 Kitchen Trends for 2016

Kitchen trends have continued to evolve during 2016, and people naturally want to stay in the loop.

If you’re thinking of changing things around in your kitchen this year, try following the current swing of things by taking the following trends into account.

  1. Fewer Boundaries Between Kitchen and Living Spaces

Kitchens have always been a social hub within the home, and we’re becoming more and more casual in our arrangements. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that kitchen and living spaces are continuing to blend in 2016. Open plans are being embraced and kitchen styling is becoming more casual and homely.

  1. Colours Are Going Either Paler or Bolder

2016 does not seem like a year for compromises. Light tones and ceramic whites are being used more and more across walls and cabinets, but this doesn’t mean we’re getting boring. People complement those tones with bolder accents across areas such as splashbacks and shelves.

  1. New Materials Are Becoming Popular

Before you carry out your next set of kitchen renovations, make sure you ask about some of the newer materials on offer. Additions include Dekton and Neolith; both can be used externally as well as internally, so they’re perfect for transitioning between inside and outside spaces. They also come in a comprehensive range of colours.

  1. Pendant Lighting Picks Up Steam

Pendant lighting, which was extremely popular during the middle of the 20th century, has enjoyed a remarkable renaissance, with metallic, matte ceramic, and coloured glass finishes becoming most popular. In the kitchen, it’s a good idea to create a cluster arrangement to ensure that you still get plenty of light.

  1. Minimalism Falters

In 2015, we saw black, simplistic designs and glossy worktops enjoying a brief period in vogue, but these styles are now winding down as people begin to look for kookier and more eye-catching colour schemes.

  1. Greenery Enters the Kitchen

You probably already have some greenery in your kitchen in the guise of chopped herbs and a few lettuce leaves, but those items aren’t exactly there to brighten things up. During 2016, we’ve seen leafy plants and hangers making their way into different parts of the kitchen. One of the great things about this is that you can completely reinvent the appearance of your kitchen without having to spend very much money.

Modern Kitchen Trends 2016

In most homes, the kitchen remains the central social space. It’s also one of the most expensive areas of a property to renovate, so styling trends have to be taken with a grain of salt. Here’s what we’re seeing in 2016, and how you should react to it.

Worktops: Old Stone/New Materials

Worktops continue to set the tone for any kitchen, and, given the fact that they are expensive to replace, you need to give plenty of thought to what will work best. Many people have been requesting natural materials such as granite or even marble; this marries with the trend seen in 2016 towards minimalist kitchen design and monochromatic colours.

However, you might want to hold your horses before you opt for traditional stone, even if it is buffed to a modern shine. Newer technologies, such as Dekton, allow homeowners the chance to receive the styling advantages of those materials while enjoying an increase in durability and longevity, so it isn’t surprising to see that these newer options have grown in popularity.

Accenting: Mixed Metals/Unbroken

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen during 2016 is a renewed focus on accenting materials. Two separate camps have emerged this year: metals and glass. The blending of warm metals, such as brushed steel or copper, has become popular for doorknobs, extractor fans, and lighting fixtures. People like seeing these older touches being given new life, and the use of these materials tends to bring a little added warmth. Glass accents are also appearing. In particular, glass-fronted cabinets, glass shelves, and glass doors are becoming popular.

Glass might bring a touch of elegance, but mixed metals are likely to pull ahead as the more practical choice. Both materials might be perfect for adding a dash of styling, but the extensive use of glass throughout a kitchen quickly means waging an unending battle against smudges and watermarks.

Lighting: LED Wins Out

The move towards LED lighting, particularly in the kitchen, isn’t so much a trend of 2016 as it is a general move towards efficiency. With their clean, white illumination and ability to last decades without burning out, LED bulbs are ideal.

Remember, without the right lighting you are going to struggle to appreciate your kitchen. In fact, you’ll struggle to use it at all. Make sure you follow the trend towards strip lighting along the ceiling and task lighting above well-used areas to get the best out of your space. Large central fixtures should be avoided.