“A huge thanks for the beautiful Jade Green leathered worktops. We asked for many curves and strange shapes…..and you delivered! You even seem to relish the idea of making something quirky, which fitted in with us perfectly!

A very ‘hands on’ company, who manufactured, delivered, fitted everything we asked for…with a smile J

Big Thanks Again,

Carolyn and John”



Jade Green granite, also known as Golden Jade is sourced from quarries in Brazil. It was then shipped to Italy for the stone to be cut into sheets and to have the leather effect finish applied. Paramount Marble then shipped the slabs across to the UK directly to our factory premises.

By no means was this job going to be anything standard, with lots of curves it took careful planning. Wooden templates were made as a pre-check before we started cutting the stone. The sweeping curves were cut by our waterjet, where water is used at very, very high pressures and the edging was all finished off by hand.

The main focal point of this beautiful kitchen is the island unit with a raised section of granite mirroring the curves below as well as the granite neatly hugging a solid wood chopping board on the end.

The overall result is unique as well as it is stunning and is shown in the photos.