“ Dear Paramount Marble, Thank you for providing us with our beautiful granite worktops and for your excellent workmenship, outstanding customer care and a quick and efficient service

C & A Miller “



The granite used is called Asterix, a premium granite that is normally quarried from Brazil in South America. It is closely related to another granite called Kosmus. These granites require expertise when fabricated into worktops. The mineralogical make up makes polishing and cutting a slow and careful process, but the results are outstanding.

Our customer chose Paramount Marble to assist with the transformation of their island unit from a solid wooden top to this stunning piece of Asterix granite. Our skilled fitting team went to the property to begin the templating process. Once all the sizes were finalised, fabrication began. This island unit shows a bespoke style edge chosen by our customer. This creates the chunky appearance of the island unit. Other extras chosen were the polished sink cut out suitable for a Belfast style sink and to finish the look off, draining grooves in the granite.

Please see our attached photographs showing various stages of this transformation.