• Aragon Fireplace


    The clean lines on this surround are based on a traditional stone design. The detail on the arched opening is echoed on the mantle shelf.

  • Beverley Fireplace

    A stylish ogee edging compliments a Tudor style arch mirrored on the back panel. Carving on the shelf and legs makes this stand out proudly.

  • Ferriby Fireplace


    A new design launched ready for the 2014 season. The “scooped” out edge profiling, known as Scotia edging provides a subtle but pleasant shape to this lovely fire surround.

  • Aviemore Fireplace

    A versatile surround with a classic detailed gothic arch that is both refined and appealing

  • Boulevard Fireplace


    Understated and appealing, this classic design with a gentle step is suited to all room types.

  • Humber Fireplace


    An elegant profiled arch sets off this simple but classic design

  • Barton Fireplace


    A bold surround with pure straight lines complemented with a quartz inlay against the Italian marble.

  • Columbus


    The beautifully crafted tubing transforms this simple design into an exquisite surround that belongs in any room

  • Jensen Fireplace


    One of our most popular designs. The contrasting quartz inlay around the opening makes this the perfect choice for any room

  • Belvedere Fireplace


    Wonderful flowing curve with fine detail makes this surround a show stopper for your lounge

  • Crescent Fireplace


    A stunning design with a beautifully curved frieze that compliments the curved shelf. A stylish focal point for any room

  • Kenso Fireplace


    Suitable for both traditional and contemporary rooms featuring stunning light boxes for your favourirte ornamments or accessories

  • Kingston Fireplace


    Our most popular design, incorporating a sparkling quartz inlay around the arch and within the shelf. This gentle sweeping arch can be mirrored in the hearth design also

  • New York Fireplace

    The elegant tubing turns this simple design into a true class act. A real winner that you want to sit in front of.

  • Rialto Fireplace


    An elegant contemporary design. The pure straight lines of the Rialto contrast with, and complement the marble and inlay materials. Shown here with an oak inlay

  • Leyburn Fireplace


    A simple design with a gentle arch gives this surround universal appeal that looks good in any size.

  • Newton Fireplace


    With its clean lines and subtle proportions, this surround will look good in any room

  • Richmond Fireplace


    An impressive surround with a classic arched detail. Timeless in its design, the Richmond is at home in almost any setting

  • Manhattan Fireplace


    A classic design in every way with bold curves to the fireplace opening and subtle shaping to the shelf.

  • Preston Fireplace


    A new design launched ready for the 2014 season. A simple design ideal for nearly all living spaces.

  • Rosedale Fireplace


    An impressive arched surround enhanced with a splayed back and detailed shelf that oozes quality.

  • Monic Fireplace


    Sit down in front of this stylish,simple surround with a subtle gothic arch. A real crowd pleaser.

  • Regent Fireplace


    A clean sweeping arch highlighted with a contrasting marble. Combined with a contrasting hearth and panel brings this stylish design to the foreground.

  • Sandringham Fireplace


    A charming focal point to your room. Subtly embellished by its gently sweeping arch

  • Thornedale Fireplace


    Pull up your chair as you wont want to leave this beautiful balanced surround with its gentle curve

  • Wyke Fireplace


    A new design launched ready for the 2014 season. This suite boasts a large angular bevel running around the opening. Simple detailing maximizing the overall look to this modern suite.

  • Tranby Fireplace


    Craftsmanship at its best. The impressive tubing around the opening is complimented by the shaped shelf

  • Trinity Fireplace


    A new design launched ready for the 2014 season. This elegant surround is set to become one of this years best sellers.

  • Westbourne Fireplace


    A gothic arch style surround highlighted with bold tubing gives an impressive look to this timeless classic