What Are the Advantages of Marble Fireplace Mantels?

Fireplaces generally form the focal point of any room they are added to, so opting for the best one possible only makes sense. There are times you can get away with looking for the second-best material, but this is not one of them; when you’re searching for a fireplace mantel, marble stands unparalleled.

Here are just a few reasons why you should strongly consider purchasing a marble fireplace mantel.

Marble Fireplaces are Stunningly Attractive

Marble has been valued since the times of the Ancient Greeks for its rich, luxurious style, and that popularity continues well into the present day. Strikingly beautiful and sophisticated, marble adds a rich sense of style to any room, and it works with a variety of design styles; whether you want to adopt a modern, minimalist tone or create an antique feel, marble is going to work wonders.

Marble Fireplaces Can Be Easily Maintained

Marble carries a reputation for being slightly tougher to take care of than other materials, such as quartz and granite. However, this is an issue that is more important when you’re considering flooring or countertops; your fireplace mantel won’t need to be as resistant to staining or scratching. Most drinks and foods will be simply dealt with using a damp washcloth. You will have to make sure soot isn’t allowed to build up, but that just means giving the mantel a quick wipe over once or twice a week.

Marble Fireplaces are Heat-Resistant

When you’re dealing with a fireplace, heat-resistance is clearly something about which you should be concerned. Marble remains wonderfully cool to the touch, even when used next to a fire. This is part of the reason it was so popular in the ancient world. Even the hot Athenian sun wouldn’t be able to rob the surface of its welcome coolness.

Marble Fireplaces Will Last for Years

Marble does tend to cost more than other fireplace mantel materials, but you should consider it an investment rather than a sunken cost. Marble is known for being exceptionally durable, so it should last for years to come without showing any signs of wear. When you finally come to sell the property, you can expect the marble fireplace to add value; going cheap with such a central part of the room in question is not likely to make potential buyers willing to accept a higher asking price.

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