Curious About Quartz? The New Kitchen Countertop Trend

Homeowners often decide on either granite or marble for their countertops, and then they find out about the disadvantages each material carries.


Marble, for example, is prized for the sense of luxury and warmth that it evokes, but it is also porous, meaning that it requires frequent sealing and can stain and scratch easily. Not many people know that one of the reasons marble is so often seen in the bathroom is that it will only be stepped on by bare feet; it just isn’t tough enough for other applications, especially countertops.

Granite is a slightly better choice since it is a little bit tougher. Of course, it does come with weaknesses of its own. Granite can be scratched easily, needs to be sealed at installation and then resealed regularly, and can chip and crack more easily than engineered stone.

With these facts in mind, it isn’t hard to see why well-informed homeowners tend to reconsider their original choices in favour of an engineered stone, and quartz is the perfect option. When we refer to it as ‘engineered’, we mean that it has been made in a factory; quartz countertops are actually made from a mixture of mined quartz and special resin.

This process means that manufacturers are able to work around the flaws that develop in natural stones, such as granite and marble. This used to mean that the slabs produced looked slightly artificial, but advances have ensured that modern quartz can be made to look almost any way you want it; in fact, you can replicate the appearance of both granite and marble.

While you enjoy the look that originally attracted you to marble or granite, you’ll also benefit from a number of important advantages over both materials. For starters, quartz is less expensive than granite, and it’s usually less expensive than marble. Countertop costs can really add up if you don’t watch out, so there’s no reason to spend more than you need to when it comes to materials.

Quartz countertops are also going to stay looking their best for longer, and without any need for routine maintenance work. Stronger than either granite or marble, quartz is also non-porous, meaning that it never requires sealing and cannot be stained by spilled drinks and food. Bacteria won’t be able to gain a foothold, and all you’re going to need to clean up your countertops is some soapy water.

Boasting the looks of marble or granite without the problems of either, it should come as no surprise to learn that quartz is the new kitchen countertop trend.


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