Outdoor Designs Using Marble

Marble isn’t always a material that homeowners would think of as one that should be used outside, but it makes a fantastic choice in the right conditions. Though unwise to use in cold, wet climates, marble is perfect for warmer areas, and you can use it to bring a touch of glamour and styling to your outside area when you know the right way to employ it.

One of the best ways to use marble in your outdoor designs is to bridge the divide between inside and outside space. If, for example, your kitchen features marble countertops, try extending that design theme outwards by using the same style of marble around a barbeque or to create an outside bench. The superior durability of marble and its ability to evoke strength and solidity make it a good match for such projects.

Outside bars can also work well with marble since they naturally summon up images of first-class living. Using the same material to create one large bar area will help make your outside space look cool and professional, not like has been designed to be packed up and dragged away at the first sign of rain.

You can also use marble instead of a traditional patio, something that works especially well if you enjoy an elevated area above the rest of your outside space. One of the most important advantages of marble is its ability to stay cool even when being struck by the sun’s warmest rays; this is just one of the reasons why the Greeks of antiquity valued it for building their temples.

Though you’re probably not erecting a temple, you can enjoy the same benefits by using marble to tile your outside space. Even during the height of summer, you’ll be able to step out onto a surface that feels cool and refreshing. Think it sounds a little odd? Just take a look at the New York City Public Plaza; it’s one of the most popular areas of the city for New Yorkers to come together, and its floored in stunning grey marble.

Of course, if you are using marble outside then you’ll need to take a number of precautions. Just remember to maintain flooring properly in order to keep it slip-resistant. You’ll also need to seal regularly and avoid spilling anything since marble can be stained. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning exterior that stands effortlessly out from the crowd.

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