9 Interior Design Trends of 2016

We’re now sat in the middle of 2016, so it’s a great time to look at what’s happened so far and what trends promise to continue flourishing within the world of design. It’s been an interesting year, so here’s our quick overview of 2016’s top design trends to bring you up to speed.

  1. The Upscale Family Room

The family room is expected to go upmarket for 2016, but without losing its practicality. The so-called ‘Glamily Room’ opts for wipe-clean designer fabrics and hard-wearing materials. The driving force is design-oriented millennial parents, but the trend is catching.

  1. Sheets with Something to Say

White cotton sheets are so yesterday. For 2016, expect intricate patterns and patchworks to adorn the bedroom, plus a lot more colour.

  1. Pendant Popularity

Statement pendants are great for putting a special touch on a room while also making the lighting more intimate. Expect to see them in dining rooms and lounges. Try adding one to your home in place of the old-fashioned chandelier.

  1. Pedestals to Match

Just as chandeliers are being swapped out for pendants, pedestal tables are coming in to replace the larger side table. Use one to bring focus to a photo, sculpture, or plant.

  1. Statement Desks

In 2016, people are seeming to tire of using their laptops on the bed or sofa. Instead, smaller, more stylish desks are becoming the norm. Try perching yours in the corner of your living room and making it part of the overall style.

  1. Traditional Tableware

When it comes to tableware, 2016 is looking backwards instead of forwards. Perhaps it’s a by-product of the foodie revolution; whatever the cause, it’s time to break out your gravy dishes and dig out the ladle.

  1. Metal Mix

Metals are set to harmonize during 2016, with golds, silvers, and coppers all coming together. Try adding a mixed-metal colour table cloth or curtains to see if the trend catches on in your house.

  1. Fabric on the Wall

Perhaps it’s the cosiness that comes with hanging fabrics as opposed to more traditional pieces of artwork, but textiles are becoming increasingly popular for adorning our walls.

  1. Reinvention

From blending metals to bringing back old tableware and desks, 2016 is all about taking the old and making it into something new. With that in mind, try repurposing old pieces of furniture with a few licks of vibrant paint to turn something dull into something eye-catching.

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